Epoxy Tumblers

All our tumblers are handmade using the best product available. Our tumblers are all double walled stainless-steel tumblers to keep your drinks cold/hot much longer and don’t sweat! Once completed our tumblers are coated in layers of an FDA compliant food-safe and UV resistant epoxy. This gives each tumbler a high gloss smooth finish.

Our tumblers are not branded with our logo as we feel our customers don’t need to be a walking billboard and our product will speak for itself.

Please remember every tumbler is unique and no two tumblers will be the same. As with all handmade items there may be slight imperfections, but this in no way affects the use or quality of the tumbler.

Each tumbler is thoroughly inspected and cleaned before being shipped off

All of our listed tumblers are ready to ship and will ship within three (3) business day unless a faster shipping method has been selected..

Tumbler Care

Though our cups are well made the following are our tips to make your tumbler last
- Though epoxy is shatter resistant it is not shatter proof DO NOT DROP
- Hand wash only. DO NOT let your Tumbler sit or soak in water
- Avoid extreme heat. Do not leave in your vehicle
- DO NOT microwave
- DO NOT use dishwasher

**All Tumblers come with care instructions as a reminder**

For more FAQ’s of questions please visit our FAQ or Contact Us Pages.

As we attend multiple events our collection of ready to ship tumblers may be removed from our site without notice. If you would like to meet us and see our tumblers in person please view our Events page.