About Us

Welcome to Strung Over Creations, we are the Herbst Family.

I (Chase) started Strung Over Creations (SOC) back in 2019 to sell my custom-made string art to sell at shows I attended with my wife Lynsie and her business  Luck You Gliders. Unfortunately, over time the fine detail work of string art took a toll on my hands, severe carpal tunnel and a broken hand led SOC into other crafty directions

During COVID we purchased a Cricut and began making masks, shirts, cozies, cups, wooden signs, and so much more, however we found our true joy in making epoxy tumblers.

Since we began making Tumblers we have made and sold thousands of them at different events we’ve attend. In 2022 we added 3D Printing to our repertoire and began designing our own tools and other useful items for both home and business as well as printing cute little figures. Currently we have 7 printers which almost never stop running.

We have also recently added two laser engravers and look forward to seeing what cool things we can make using these.

Currently we offer custom made Epoxy Tumblers, 3D prints, Laser engraving/cutting, as well as plans and designs for a multitude of different crafts/hobbies, we also offer limited 3D modeling/design, We provide way more options then we could ever list on our website so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Strung Over Creations has allowed us to travel around the Midwest and meet so many people. My wife Lynsie and I are also so proud that our small business is teaching our young children the value of a dollar, hard work, what it takes to be an entrepreneur, and so much more. Our son Bentley has begun making artwork he sells alongside us at shows as well as an ever expanding plant collection he plans on selling in the future as well.

We look forward to seeing you at an event near you soon, thanks so much for being what makes Strung Over Creations so great.