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Mister Bulkhead Gromet (for mesh lids)

Mister Bulkhead Gromet (for mesh lids)

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This gromet is designed to be used with vivarium's/terrariums that have mesh lids. 

This gromet creates a safe mounting spot for mister bulkheads by creating a larger surface area to clamp the bulkhead to and covering any exposed mesh which could easily harm delicate animals. 

Need to remove your mister? Now you can install the new locking plug which keeps unwanted pests out and your animals safe inside their vivarium's/terrariums. 

Gromets now friction fit together no adhesives required.

Bulkheads are not included in purchase.

Grommets are 3D printed using PLA which is safe for all pets and animals. If you would like these printed in a material such as PETG or in differant colors please message us.

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